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10 Search Engines For Kids That Help Out Parents With Safe Browsing

You can say that kids are sufficiently net savvy these days. With a bit of parental help, they can easily grasp the basics of search. The commonplace search engines cater to kids as well as to adults. But even with the moderation search engines use, some content may not be suitable for impressionable minds.

How to: Child Proof Internet Sites

The Internet can be a wonderful tool. It allows us to have access to knowledge at the tip of our fingertips. Anything you want to know is easily found with a simple search. But when it comes to kids, that can be dangerous. Child proofing the computer and blocking certain websites is a must. To protect vulnerable kids and set your mind at ease, you can set up monitoring software and enable parental controls on your computer. While parents can probably rest easy knowing that their kids aren't viewing anything inappropriate or dangerous, close supervision should also be a requirement.

How to: make a laptop childproof

Kids might be whizzes with modern technology but their adventurous spirits can lead to all sorts of bother. Give a child unfettered access to your laptop computer, for example, and pretty soon Windows will be replaced by a Minecraft server. Even if your offspring aren’t mischievous types, a bit of innocent web surfing can all too easily result in them stumbling upon unsavoury materials online. By following a few simple steps it’s possible to protect your computer – and your children – from the nastiest pitfalls.

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